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ABOUT US – Small Apartment Size Furniture Specialists

Our Concept

Apartment Lifestyle is Australia's premiere destination for everything related to apartment living!

We've recognised that more Australians are living in smaller inner-city dwellings, and our aim is to enhance the apartment experience by bringing together a stylish selection of small apartment size furniture. Our product specialists travel the world looking for household items that improve the quality of apartment life. These products are then stocked in our Australian warehouses and sold direct to the public to ensure the lowest prices and quickest delivery times.

Our apartment philosophy revolves around three key concepts:

  • Using space saving small furniture for apartments to make rooms look and feel more spacious
  • Free-standing furniture to minimise the need for any fittings
  • Intelligent designs which function perfectly in small or narrow spaces

We only sell products we believe in. And we're so confident in our products that all orders come with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee and a Free 12-Month Warranty.

Our History

Founded in November 2010, Apartment Lifestyle was born through a lifetime of living in apartments, units and small-sized dwellings. Growing up, space was always (and still is) an issue.

However, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon certain small apartment size furniture and homewares which made living in a smaller space much easier. Whether it was the double-purpose futon instead of a guest bedroom, a collapsible desk to perform work, or a storage solution to make the room feel bigger, we would use it to full effect.

Apartment Lifestyle is our way of bringing these brilliant creations together in one place, allowing you to make the most out of your living space with small furniture for apartments, houses, caravans and houseboats!