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5 Worst Types of Apartment Housemates

by Apartment Lifestyle

Sharing an apartment isn't for the weak. It either works or it doesn't and there isn't an in-between.

Here is a list of the worst types of housemate, who I am sure you might recognise.

1) The Passive Aggressive

These are the roommates who leave notes on their yoghurt in the fridge. They highlight a receipt for essentials, telling you that you owe then for $1.10 for honey, as though that $1.10 is going to change their whole financial future. They also leave notes on your door, slide them under the bathroom door when you're showering, and change their wi-fi password to something personal, such as, "Stop using my wi-fi!" See ya!

2) The Kleptomaniac

These precious souls will soon be pilfering your precious things. Nothing is sacred with them, and even though you haven't seen your favourite shirt for a month, when you do find it, they will claim they were "borrowing it, and you're free to borrow anything of theirs!" Maybe small change is missing, or a pair of cute earrings, and then your Magnum icecream from the freezer! What? No way. Kick them out, asap!

3) The Nymphomaniac

There is nothing wrong with having a healthy sex drive, except when your housemate keeps bringing new partners home every night of the week, sometimes even two at a time. The apartment is already small, but now you can hear every part of their night, as though you're right in the room. Getting up to use the bathroom is anxiety making, who knows who you will bump into, and the last person they bought home drank the last of the milk and put the carton back into the fridge! Be gone!

4) The Hoarder

Their room is overflowing with "stuff". There's a faint smell of something unsettling coming out from under the door. Crockery and glasses are missing but you're afraid to enter her room without a HAZMAT suit to reclaim them. Instead, kick them out, and get a new roomie and a new dinner set.

5) The Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner

It's great having a clean roommate, except when you have one with an obsession with cleaning. The roomie who hovers behind you as you finish your dinner, waiting to whisk the plate away to be washed. They vacuum around you, banging your feet with the vacuum head in an effort to make you move them, even though they vacuumed yesterday. They sigh when they see you sprawled on the sofa, an open packet of biscuits leaving a few crumbs on the table. They use hand sanitizer before they use the bathroom, as though you have the plague and throw out leftovers from the day before because you know, salmonella, even thought you were going to eat it for dinner. Please leave OCC, and take your cleaning supplies with you!


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