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Apartment Styles From Around the World


Apartments around the world boast many different styles of décor and furniture. They can be designed and built with a specific style in mind, or have changes made afterwards by owners and occupiers. The apartment décor and apartment furniture can also accommodate the architectural style or reflect the specific tastes and preferences of the occupants.

Either way, one apartment can look radically different from another even if they share similar layouts. There is no shortage of styles available for designers and builders to bring to life, which can be a little overwhelming for those who are looking for a style that they like. Fortunately, Apartment Lifestyle has compiled this blog post to provide you with some apartment style inspiration from around the world.

Japan – Love of Nature

In Japan, space is a luxury that is becoming increasingly limited. As a result, urban residences are getting smaller, meaning more people have to sacrifice gardens and backyards. To compensate, the interior spaces of apartments in Japan are carefully decorated with flowers, succulents, foliage plants and more. These blend in with the apartment furniture and allow occupants to enjoy a touch of nature.

Russia – A Mix of Old and New

In Russia, apartment dwellers embrace modern styles and technologies but remain sentimental about the past. This means that their apartments tend to feature modern architectural designs coupled with vintage decorations. Artwork, fabrics and antique apartment furniture can be used to add a strong historical element and complement the existing apartment style.

Germany – Elegance

The German culture is known for its efficiency, but it also boasts a significant amount of elegance when it comes to interior design for apartments. Recently, German apartments have embraced an Art-Deco trend where lavish materials such as brass, gold and velvet adorn living spaces. German apartment furniture also often includes daybeds and cocktail chairs in gemstone colours as well as folding screens and dressing tables.

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