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Choosing an Apartment Colour Scheme: Sources of Inspiration

by Apartment Lifestyle

Since our last blog post Psychology of Colour: How Colour Affects Your Mood we've had a few inspired readers asking for help on choosing a colour palette.

Choosing a colour palette is a very personalised experience that will inevitably depend on your own individual taste. And while it's impossible for us to suggest the best colour scheme for every reader we're going to cover some quick tools that you can use to inspire your own unique colour scheme!

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool for choosing colour schemes. You can search 'apartment' and 'colour schemes' for a plethora of aesthetically pleasant schemes that have been pinned by other Pinterest users.

2. Instagram
Instagram is another online social media tool which can be transformed into your inspirational tool for colour schemes and interior design. Instagram's search is more limited than Pinterest so it's easiest to find certain Instagram users to follow and browse.

We've got a collection of a few we love below:

3. Wattyl
Inspiration can be found in our own Aussie backyard with Wattyl having some neat colour palettes available in their 'Inspiration Guides' section. A series of colours and textures designed to inspire change – it's definitely worth checking out.

And best of all if you find a colour scheme you like the wall paints will be easy to find!


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