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Creating the Perfect Guest Room

by Apartment Lifestyle

Having guests to stay doesn't have to be an inconvenience. There are ways to make your guest room so perfect, they will want to visit you again and again. The important thing is to think like your guest and what they would need.

1) Share the wi-fi password

More than likely the first thing your guest will do is check their phones or laptops. Instead of making them feel uncomfortable by having to ask, make it readily available. You can print it out and put it in a cute frame on the bedside table, or text it to them as soon as they arrive at your home.

2) Give them a restful sleep

Good linens, great bedding, and a quilt at the end of the bed in case it is a cool night will add a sense of being looked after. A selection of pillows is also thoughtful. A firm, a soft and a European gives your guest a choice for their personal taste.

3) Make room for their things

Living out of a suitcase isn't fun or good for your clothes. Clear out a closet, or a few drawers for your guests to store their items and to hang up their clothing. Add in a little lavender sachet for a thoughtful touch and make sure there are plenty of hangers.

4) Bathroom Love

If your bathroom is shared, clear space in it for your guests' toiletries. Stock it with new toothbrushes and toothpaste, and a supply of clean cotton towels and a washcloth for each guest. A few luxuries such as a beautiful soap, hand cream, a special shampoo, or a small bottle of perfume or cologne can make a guest feel very loved. Save samples to put in a jar for your guests to use what they need or like.

5) Bedside comforts

Your guest shouldn't need to ask for anything, especially when they are in bed. Make sure there is a carafe of water and a glass by the side of the bed. Add a new book, and a magazine you know they will love. Perhaps a guidebook of your city and places to visit and experience. Some painkillers and tissues will also add to the comforts of your guest.

And there you have it -- 5 simple ways to make any guest feel at home!


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