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Five Easy Ways to Organise & Declutter Your Home

by Apartment Lifestyle

As we rush hurriedly from task to task in our busy lives, we often neglect the time required to stop and re-organise ourselves. Coupled with society constantly advertising new products and the latest trends, this often leads to overly cluttered homes.

At Apartment Lifestyle we understand that while some clutter is inevitable, it should never be the cause of anxiety or stress at home or in the workplace. So we've compiled a list of five simple tips on how to minimise the amount of clutter in your home.

  • Set Goals. Setting small achievable goals makes it easier to approach a very cluttered home. Instead of seeing the home as one giant ball of clutter, break it down into smaller spaces so that you can take smaller steps towards organising your home!
  • Usage Habits. How often do you use the clutter around you? If you never use something perhaps you can find a new home for it. If you use it rarely, maybe it can be neatly stored in a cupboard, laundry or spare room.
  • Friends & Family. It sounds silly but keeping friends in mind while decluttering can often help seal decisions to get rid of things. It's a lot easier to give that old television to a friend or relative, rather than taking the time to try and sell it. Giving is also easier than abandoning clutter on hard-rubbish days, because you know someone is going to use it.
  • Go Digital. Opt for electronic copies of bills and statements rather than paper-copies. Information stored digitally takes a lot less space and helps save the environment.
  • Keep It Going. A stitch in time saves nine – and when it comes to clutter it's a lot easier to process and organise five misplaced items rather than fifty. Decluttering is also a great way to pass small amounts of time, such as if you're waiting for someone to get ready.

Hopefully these tips help minimise the clutter in your lives – they've sure helped us at home!


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