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Green Apartment Living – Recycling

by Apartment Lifestyle

As an advocate of sustainable living, I'm often reading articles about recycling and best sustainable practices for everyday living.

Green Strata is a website which aims to promote and discuss topics surrounding the environmentally sustainable debate, and recently referred to an article by Michael Green which highlights the City of Melbourne as having the second worst residential recycling rate in Victoria.

While the article doesn't specifically state it's the abundance of city apartments causing the problem, it does touch on the issue that waste management (and recycling) in apartments can be tricky. Multi-dwelling blocks typically make recycling less convenient for its inhabitants which leads to lower levels of recycling – bad news for everyone involved.

Some apartment blocks completely lack recycling facilities and we strongly urge anyone in this position to contact their body corporate to let them know it's unacceptable in this modern age.

Hopefully most of our readers do have access to recycling, so we canvassed our staff for a few ways they make recycling easier:

    • Attempt reusing before recycling;
    • Avoid collecting excess packaging materials by using your own reusable bags or food containers;
    • Use cardboard boxes to collect recyclables instead of plastic bags, as the entire box can be thrown into the recycling bin;
    • Ask friends when making 'specialty' recycling visits for toner cartridges or old mobile phones as it'll save them the trouble; and
    • Folding boxes and crushing cans before putting them in the recycling bin (in the apartment) so as to take up less of that valuable apartment space.

Those are some of the ways our staff do it, but we'd love to know if you have any stories about recycling or your own tips and tricks!


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