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Hosting a Party in an Apartment

by Apartment Lifestyle

Having a small apartment doesn't mean you have to give up entertaining, instead, think smart and use what space you do have to it's best and you and your guests will soon be having a wonderful time

1) Rearrange Your Furniture

Make space for your guests to mingle, but also leave some seating for those who wish to sit down.

Put away anything that might get broken, and push your TV back and move your rugs for dancing. Making more space will allow your guests to fell less on top of each other and let them move about easily.

2) The size of the finger food should reflect your space - think small

Don't choose foods that are hard to handle for your guests. Remember they are standing and don't want to be juggling plates and glasses and food. Instead serve food that can be used with a napkin and doesn't leave remnants such as chicken bones or olive pips lying around. Also spread little snacks around the apartment. A cheese platter, or some fruit and nuts for people to graze on, when chatting to each other is always welcome.

3) Be Mindful of Temperature

It gets hot when you have a lots of people in a small apartment. The best way to cool things down is to turn on the AC and turn off the oven about one hour before your party is supposed to start. Also ask your guests if they are comfortable with the temperature.

4) Designate a Spot for Your Guests' Stuff

This might seem like an obvious rule for any party, but I think it's crucial if you're entertaining in a small space. Keep all bags and coats in one spot. Your bed is usually a good place, so make sure you room is clean and all precious things put away just to be safe.

5) Get in the zone

Think like a kindergarten does, and zone your apartment. A drink area, a food area, coats and bags in another space, music and dancing in one spot, and a quiet corner for serious conversations amongst your guests.

Do you have any other tips for hosting parties in small spaces?

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