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Keeping Warm in Winter - Apartment Edition

by Apartment Lifestyle

Five tips on how to stay cozy this winter, without getting an unwelcome heating bill.

1) Change your interior styling.

Create a warmer nest with warmer colours in your space. Throw rugs on the back of your sofa, and different textured cushion covers can add a coz style to your apartment and helps when there is a chill in the air.

2) Cover up your bare floors with a rug.

Floorboards can look beautiful but in the winter they need to be covered to keep the heat in your space. Choose something colourful for brightening up your space, or in a neutral tone to keep the warmth in without changing the look of your space too much.

3) Turn on your oven.

Cook something low and slow, as the warmth of the over will warm your space, and you will have something delicious for dinner. Think about a tagine, soup, a roast, or casserole. And of course, cakes are always welcome too!

4) A warm cup of love.

There is nothing like a hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top, or a fragrant tea or steaming cup of coffee. Think about stocking up on a supply of teas for you and any guests, or indulging in the best quality coffee and or chocolate you can afford, put into your favorite mug, wrap your hands around a warmth and enjoy.

5) Hop into bed.

Invest in some flannel sheets, extra blankets, a thicker doona, a quilt and even an electric blanket. Even an old fashioned hot water bottle or a heat bag can take the chill from your bones. All and or some of these will make your bed a cozy nest, which will be hard to leave.

Here's to hoping our lovely readers can keep warm this winter!


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