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Psychology of Colour: How Colour Affects Your Mood

by Apartment Lifestyle

Colour plays a surprisingly large part in our emotions and behaviour - so we should take advantage of this by matching the colour scheme of a room (or entire home) to the moods that we want to feel.

A simple change in colour scheme could be the difference between restlessness and peaceful night's sleep; or enjoying a spacious apartment versus feeling trapped.

We've outlined the eight primary colours and the psychological effects below!

White Theme Apartment Decor
White is associated with purity and cleanliness which adds a freshness to your home. In apartments it's a nifty colour because it creates the illusion of space and therefore makes the room or space look larger. A pure white also reinforces a very sterile and clean environment – this is why many kitchens and dining areas feature a white high gloss.
Yellow Theme Apartment Decor
Yellow is a vibrant optimistic colour. However, it's rare to see yellow-themed rooms due to its intensity which can be overpowering but a splash of yellow is a great way to brighten up rooms with darker colour palettes. Yellow cushions or lamps can break up a dark space very well without being overwhelming!
Red Theme Apartment Decor
Red is the most vibrant and stimulating colour on the spectrum. It stimulates adrenaline, quickens the pulse and even increases appetites - making it an interesting choice for the kitchen. As the most passionate colour it's occasionally used for bedrooms to enhance the mood - but it's also a 'warning' colour for humans and may put you on high alert leading to more stress and tension. In Asian culture it's often seen as the colour of good fortune and prosperity.
Green Theme Apartment Decor
Green represents nature and a tranquil sense of balance. Abundant in nature green is a very calming colour and studies have found it's the best colour to relax our eyes. As a product of yellow and blue it's unsurprising that the psychological effects of green are a combination of the two colours - it's calming and cooling with more warmth than blue.
Orange Theme Apartment Decor
Orange is a dialed-back version of red which is still stimulating but with a less intense vibrancy. A warm colour it's both inviting as well as great at providing warmth in the winter. Sadly, similar to yellow current trends see it used mostly to break up monotone rooms with orange cushions, lamps and other feature pieces - but it can also be used as a primary wall colour to create a fun and vibrant environment.
Blue Theme Apartment Decor
Blue. Calming and serene are the trademarks of the colour blue. It's a cool colour that can help you feel more comfortable in warmer climates – in fact the colour blue has even been shown to help reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
When choosing blues for interior decorating it's important to consider the intensity and darkness of the blue. Softer blues are able to create space with a lighter more relaxed feeling while darker blues can actually close off a room and feel emotionally cold.
Purple Theme Apartment Decor
Purple is an interesting colour as its shade will dictate its perception. Mauve is seen as very calming and peaceful due to the floral association while being slightly warmer than blue. However, dark purples such as violet are more luxurious, dramatic and royal by nature. Violet conveys a strong sense of prestige and opulence due to its bold presence and place in history!
Black Theme Apartment Decor
Black is the final colour on our list and represents elegance, luxury and mystery. It's a colour that triggers a sense of power and status which may be associated with black luxury cars and black suits. It's important not to over-use the colour as it can quickly suffocate a room and close off space - but it's perfect if you want a few eye-catching elegant pieces that take the focus in the room.


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